AC Photography LLC: Blog en-us (C) AC Photography LLC (AC Photography LLC) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT AC Photography LLC: Blog 120 52 2017 Thank You!!!!! 2017 was another great year for AC Photography!  

I cannot thank my amazing Clients enough for all your support!  

I am truly honored to photograph each and everyone of you! 



A few changes have been made with my services for 2018, more specials will be offered as well as quicker turn around time!


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SALE ENDS on 11/28/17 at 8pm

See Facebook for Session Discount Specials!!


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Outdoor Holiday Mini's 2017 Outdoor Holiday Mini

November 11

Limited Sessions Available!

Call 262-224-1928 or Email to book your mini session!



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Cyber Sale!!!!!! CYBER SALE 2016


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Print & Product Sale of 2016! Tis the season to stock up on your prints & products!!

Check out this amazing offer!!

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Studio Christmas Mini!!! Here is the Studio Christmas info!  

Please email me to book

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Christmas OUTDOOR Mini 11/13/2016 Here it is!

First come first serve!

Please email to book

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You Were Born To SPARKLE Sessions!

Please Visit my Facebook page at to view of video sample of images!


This Sessions was especially designed for girls of all ages!  Come to the studio for a fun time!!!  This session is designed for girls to wear Mommy's wedding dress (don't worry if its dirty), get your hair done in a quick cute little up-do, do some modeling poses for some glamour shots, maybe some shots of you in Mommy's wedding shoes or her favorite high heels! Get Mom to come in a few shots with daughter while she is modeling the wedding dress!  

And Last of BUT NOT Least…. its time for some extra fun…. Miss Andrea has some glitter and sequences to have fun with! These action shots that are captured are truly ONE OF AKIND!!!


Mom, not only is this some fun to do withy our little girl(s) but its makes for a GREAT Keepsake for your daughter(s) engagement or wedding day!  



April 17th or April 24th ONLY 

Limited Session Slots

$125/per child

30 minute session

10 direct digital images*

Limited Print Release

Online Gallery


*Proofs purchase is an additional $50


​$50 Deposit required within 24 hours of confirming session slot




This session works best with a child who takes direction very well.  Not designed for under 2 years of age.  

I do use clamps to help secure dress to child, your child may get very messy with glitter.

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I'll be adding a SPECIAL Session in the month of April!!

LIMITED Availability!!!

Details to come by THURSDAY March, 31, 2016!!!

Here's a sneak peek besides what I released on Instagram #acphotollc


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Follow me on INSTAGRAM! #acphotollc Come Follow ME on Instagram!



You will see a variety of things not posted on the blog or on Facebook!


back of camera shots

sooc (straight out of camera) pics

behind the scenes pics

special announcements

parents pics of me working! :)

special edits

pullbacks & afetr shots

how'd you to that?Safety First! This is called the froggy pose, its a composite shot - 2 shots made into 1!












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Staying Busy at the NEW STUDIO! I've been staying busy at my NEW STUDIO!!  Here are some recent pics from a few of my first Sessions at the NEW STUDIO!

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New STUDIO! The word is out!

My in-home studio has been relocated!!



YES!!! I am super excited to finally share with everyone that I have a BRAND NEW STUDIO!!!!!

My New STUDIO opened on January 1, 2016.

It is close to my home which is great but best of all I have so much more space for my clients and all my props!!!

Any studio sessions that are booked from January 1, 2016 will be held at my NEW STUDIO!

1708 Barton Ave

West Bend WI 53090!


Here a sneak peek…. but these pictures don't serve justice on my gorgeous space!

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CYBER MONDAY SALE! the BIGGEST  (((& ONLY))) Sale of the YEAR!!!

ends at midnight 11/30/15


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Big Changes :::::BIG CHANGES:::::
Did you hear???!!  
There are BIG changes coming soon to AC Photography!!

Changes affective November 1st, 2015

Details to be posted in early October!

Thanks for all the Support!!

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DIRECT DOWNLOADING ONLY as of September 1, 2015 With DVDs practically outdated I have made a logical decision;

As of September 1, 2015, AC Photography will NO LONGER be offering a disc to be purchased with services.

My services will only offer direct downloading.  This will allow me to continue to keep my prices reasonable and still offer my clients what they want;

  "All their pictures."  


I will continue to send specific instructions in each email once your Gallery is edited and ready for downloading. As always I encourage my clients to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Thank you to everyone for your continued support & business!


Please note:  Wedding Clients will only get USBs. 

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Christmas STUDIO Mini Sessions This year I am offering and extended period of studio Christmas Mini's.

Email or Call to book your Christmas Mini today!

*Newborns and Families excluded.

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Edited Pic VS Proof (original image) Often I get asked "Will my pictures be edited?" 

I like to tell my Clients that when I edit your image I am perfecting it. I am perfecting your favorite images to be displayed! :)

Here is a little more insight on my thoughts/technique of Editing my images....

Editing is a decision process and can be as simple as reviewing a series and deleting the bad shots, or doing a comparison between two or more to find the best shot. Editing can also include cropping for content. Then there is adjustments. Such as exposure and color corrections, or changing the color profile for a special image. Dodge and burn work is also very common, especially with the reduced dynamic range that digital photography has allowed for. Enhancements like skin tone, removing blemishes, removing busies/scratches (because we all know active toddlers have them!) and slimming certain areas.  Alterations to the photos content (removing an unwanted item in a image such as a hand or a fly away piece of hair). 

Every photographer has their own way of editing images. See below for a few examples of how I edit my images. 



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a NEWBORN session


As a newborn photographers I truly have the best job in the world. I get spend hours at a time snuggling, posing, and loving on babies that are just a few days old. I get to capture this fleeting time with my camera and provide parents (my Clients) with beautiful heirlooms they will treasure forever. But just as much as you will adore your images, your newborn session (often their first family outing with their new bundle of joy) is a memory that you will keep with you for years to come, as well. Creating a loving and safe environment is My responsibility as photographers and I guarantee every time my clients view their images their thoughts will immediately go back to their session and time spent with them. So here are just a few of my tips and tricks for successful and safe newborn sessions.





Newborn Safety in the photography community is always a big discussion. I get many Newborn parents asking for certain poses. During each newborn session I like to educated my clients and remind that that safety always comes first. The safety and well being of our littlest clients needs to come first before the pursuit of our artistic vision. My most requested pose is baby holding head up on hands (below)  Shots like these are called composites. I take (2) images and combine them to make one shot. Lots of editing is involved to get the final product.

Before every session I remind myself that this new little life is someone’s gift from God. I try to treat each little one that comes through my studio is if they were my own. I remember how madly in love I was with my six day old babies. How all I wanted to do was lay awake at night and watch them breathe. The last thing I would ever want to see would be someone trying to get them into a pose that seemed visibly uncomfortable or try something that was unsafe just so they could “get the shot.”   This also goes for all prop shots, too. I always have mom or dad be an active participant in our sessions together. For safety’s sake I like to have my parents directly involved in their baby’s well being. When doing images involving props such as baskets or buckets, I always explain to mom that I “don’t have Go Go Gadget” arms and can’t reach through my camera in the event that their baby startles. I always have mom or dad sitting right outside of the shot and will often do composites if it’s not safe for mom or dad to remove their hand for an image.

With every pose I do, I’m constantly checking baby’s comfort level. If I try a pose and baby fusses or seems visibly uncomfortable I will move on to my next position. Never put a baby in a pose that they struggle against. Some babies love being curled up with their chubby feet up by their chin. Others love stretching out their little legs. They are all unique individuals with unique likes and dislikes. Some love to be swaddled. Some like to have their hands by their face. What works for one might not always work  for another. Be flexible and photograph them in what they are comfortable in and I promise their comfort will translate into a beautiful, peaceful image.


Throughout newborn sessions I constantly check for these three things:

  • --- Is baby warm enough? Is the space heater a safe distance from the baby and are they comfortable with the temperature?  Keeping baby cozy is huge for a successful newborn session, but the heater must always be kept at a safe distance.
  • --- Does baby’s circulation look  good? Are all limbs nice and pink? With some poses, arms or legs can get pinched and babies can lose good circulation quickly. It’s my job to make sure that baby is comfortable and safe in every pose I do.
  • --- Since I love to photograph with so many gorgeous fabrics and textures, there is often a lot of fuzz flying around my studio. Because of this, I’m constantly checking baby’s little fingers and toes for any stray fur that might get wrapped around them. I also like to remind mom and dad to check their toes once again before they get them dressed and loaded back into their carrier at the end of the session.

Newborn babies are little miracles!!  And when a Client entrusts me the opportunity to photograph them, I am truly honored. I go into every session with this perspective in mind and  provide my clients not only with gorgeous images of their brand new baby, but great memories of their time with you as well.



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March 1, 2014 - New Studio - NOW OPEN!!! The day has come!!!  My New Studio is officially up & running!!  I am so excited!!

As of March 1, 2014 my new studio location is at my home, which for my Newborn clients is a familiar location!  

Not only is the new studio spacious, but there is also a bathroom (still under construction) on the same level.

I cannot thank my family, friends and beloved Client's enough for your years of business and continued support!!!!  I am so excited for this next journey in my business! 

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As my business is growing I am excited to announce that in March 2014 I will be at my New Studio. 

The New Studio will be located at my home. 

Stay tuned as I will be posting pictures of the progress!  

Let the count down begin!


I want to thank all my wonderful clients for helping me & supporting my business throughout the years, as this wouldn't be possible without each and everyone of you!  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!




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