Copyright & Printing



As a Client of AC Photography LLC, you, my Client acknowledge and understand that the images taken by AC Photography LLC, PHOTOGRAPHER; Andrea Cluka, are protected by Federal Copyright Laws. You, my Client understand it is ILLEGAL to copy or reproduce these photographs elsewhere without the PHOTOGRAPHER's permission, and violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties. A limited PRINT RELEASE is supplied with the purchase of your session digital files to print your portraits for your own personal use. The print release does not allow publication of your portraits (i.e. entering in contests), selling or altering your images without the PHOTOGRAPHER's permission. Reproduction includes, but is not limited to  scanning, downloading, right-clicking, emailing, saving to harddrive, posting on websites or blogs, photocopying, obtaining screen shots, or printing in any manner.
Limited print releases allows the Client AND Photographer certain printing rights and privileges. Clients are able to use this release to print as many photos as they would like, in many sizes as they would like from the approved printing developers! However, through the printing release, the Photographer STILL holds the copyright to the photos. Simply put, legally, the client is allowed to print with approved developers/printers, but is NOT allowed to alter the photos in ANY way, including turning a photo black and white, adding hue or saturation, adding text or other special effects, etc.
If you would like a photo turned black and white, simply contact us and we will gladly do so! Please note that we am very particular about our photos, this is the reason you hired us, because you love our portraits! Our portraits are my artwork, please respect it.
When you sign & acknowledge my copyright/waiver/Client Agreement, you, my Client, are honoring the copyright laws. As the photographer and copyright holder we have the right to restrict the limited print release if abused in any manner by said Client.
Printing Your Photos
You can order your prints directly through our website and we kindly ask that you do so. But if you choose do not to print with us lets quickly go over both processes.
First, you may order your prints straight from your personal Gallery and have them shipped to your home! And don't forget we have FREE standard shipping to all clients, you will find the code in your Live Gallery email!
When ordering your prints from our site, you are getting the best professional quality prints at a discounted price. Make sure you order your prints thru us! We offer a wide variety of print sizes for a very reasonable price. We also offer some amazing products (i.e. coffee mugs, magnets, mousepads, canvases, etc).
If you my Client choose not to order your prints conveniently & directly from our site then, clients can order them at an independent professional lab per the limited print release. The limited print release explains which labs clients can order prints from. These approved labs include several online options and even an in-person shop. All of these places have quality printing services at reasonable prices. Labs with low quality printing services (Walmart, Walgreens, Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc) may NOT be used. We enforce this rule so that all of the hard work that clients and we have put into the session, processing, retouching, etc. is not ruined in the last step by a sub-par lab's printing process in which photo's turn out extremely poorly such as blurry and discolored.
We want our Clients to have the BEST possible!