Currently residing in West Bend, focusing on raising my two fun loving sons into handsome adoring men.

I'm Andrea, children loving, baby photographer extraordinaire.

But my camera & my kids aren't the only things that make me, ME!  

My creative fire is fueled by my passion for God, tiny toes, the colors red, yellow & black (and not together),

dancing, little giggles, COFFEE, oranges, dimples, my doggy; Murphy, 

sports, country music, singing at the top of my lungs,

bottled water, Apple/Mac, hugs & kisses, wind in my hair, running, the golden hour,

warm days & cool nights, cuddling under a blanket, sand between my toes

& the Andes candies I'm hiding from my boys in the freezer.


I am so grateful for all these blessings in my life

because they help me be a photographer, they inspire me, just like you!


Your photographer, Miss Andrea.

[email protected]

INSTAGRAM #acphotollc